For over 40 years, Waterdrinker Aalsmeer has been a major playerin the international market for ornamental plant cultivation and as wholesaler and exporter of house plants and garden plants. Nowhere else in Europe is there such a wide range of plants, direct from the grower, in asingle location: more than 9,000 varieties, including 300 Orchids.

It all began with the now 12,000m2 Cash& Carry which, besides being a purchasing centre for florists, is also a showroom for all other customer groups: Gardencentres, wholesalers and retailers across the world. Products purchased through Waterdrinker also enable these customer groups to distinguish themselves. Waterdrinker is one of the largest companies in the Netherlands to export worldwide. By road, by rail and by air. Waterdrinker´s vision includes its aim to find the right grower for every customer and vice versa. Tailored service for every sector!

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